Add New Symbol(s)

Tap on the '+' icon to add a new symbol.
Enter multiple symbols separated by a space.
Tap 'Done" when finished.

Change Display

Use the field chooser to customize Home view fields.

You can customize each view independently.

Details & News

Open symbol detail to see show the news.

Displays up to 20 latest news headlines.

Scroll down to read.

Add Multiple Watchlists

Multiple watchlists are supported.
Tap on the context menu (hold while tapping) or tap on the add watchlist icon (only appears with one watchlist)

Toggle Views

There are 3 views available.

- Compressed

- Detail

- HiLo

Tap on the view icon to toggle each view.

Each view maintains its own sorting field and order.

Toggle Sorting Field

Tap on sort icon to toggle between 4 sort fields.

Sort Order

Toggle between Ascending and Descending.

Toggle Watchlists

Tap on the watchlist icon to toggle through each watch list.

A watchlist selector is available for more than 4 watchlists.

Delete Symbol

Swipe left from any of the Homeviews except the Hi-Lo view.

Tap on big red X to delete.


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